Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here we go...

I have read the beginning of the cook book. I love how Paula Deen includes stories of growing up in the south. I love that she laughs now at her struggles. I love that she is slang in her language.

I will start with appetizers. I love to spend an entire evening muching on a table full of appetizers. I have made my grocery list that includes every item in the first 10 recipes. Not sure who will eat these, my 14 year old does not eat any meat... or anything that is not cheese based! I may have to recruit some friends to share in my creations! Being a Gastric Bypass Girl, I can not eat tooooo much of anything, so I am prolly just cooking for the fun of it!!!

I will start with Pecan Stuffed Dates... cause it is the first recipe in the book,... and move onto Georgia Sugared Peanuts... which I would prolly like better in pecans! but I will follow the recipes... (cause the stuffed dates would prolly taste really good with some gorganzola in them too... but I wont stray!!)
Appetizers don't scare me a bit, it is when you talk about frying chicken and making gravy that I get all scared!!! 

Well here we go! Tomorrow, I will spend the day baking my normal cakes, meeting with Brides and Grooms, and then cooking like Paula does!!! Till then!

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